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It doesn't matter if you have never climbed before or are an experienced mountaineer as everybody is welcome, but it does affect what you can do when you arrive.

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Far Peak Competent Climbers

Competent Climbers

If you can demonstrate to a member of staff you are a safe and responsible climber including recognised belay practices, knot tying and understanding of equipment/environment - then great stuff, we are more than happy for you to enjoy all that the climbing centre has to offer.

All Climbers must register at reception before a session and a staff member will guide newcomers through how to make the most of the centre and any safety points needed.  You can save time by Pre-registering before you arrive:


Climbers can come along for a session anytime and climb unlimited. We have a range of hire shoes, harnesses, belay devices and helmets you can hire and chalk balls are available from reception.

We have a large bouldering are with problems from Grade 3 to 7a-7b, on a great variety of angles and overhanging features. Our Indoor main wall has 12 lead and top rope routes from sport grade 3 upwards and our tower has 23 lead and top rope lines with 70-80 routes.

Competent climbers can supervise up to 2 novice/child climbers at a time - just ask reception for a form!

Far PEak Beginner or Novice Climbers

Beginner/Novice Climbers

If you are not quite a Competent Climber* yet, then come and practice! You can boulder under your own steam during our Pay & Play sessions for as long as you like and we have a wide range of routes and problems for you to try.


Our team are more than happy to assist you and set the odd challenge! Of course, nothing beats some quality tuition from our team and we have a range of courses you can choose from to take you to the next level.

*You can still supervise children on the kids/main bouldering areas but ask our team for some safety tips and guidance on how to make the most of your visit.

Supervising Children and Novices

Children under 18 are classed as novices unless signed off by our team through our academy sessions. They must be directly supervised by an adult at all times and our team will give you guidelines and tips to safely do this during your visit.  As above, Non-Competent Climbers can still supervise 2 children or novices but ONLY on our lower level bouldering and traverse walls and outside on our Low Ropes Course.  


Competent Climbers can supervise 2 children and novices at a time but have access to all of our climbing facilities including our tower and auto belays.

Using the Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes course is an extension of our climbing centre and permission to use it remains the same as if you are coming to climb.  All users must complete the same registration as a regular climber and sign in at reception before use.


The ropes course is open for use during the climbing centre opening hours (until dusk in the darker months) and occasionally is used exclusively by our team for private sessions.  We will pop a note on the entrance gate to when these times maybe and ask all users to vacate the course until we are finished.

However, it is open more often than not so plenty of opportunity to use throughout the day.


Far Peak Private Tuition & climbing Experiences

Private Tuition & Experiences

If you arrive and feel you want to experience more from your visit, then we are happy to fit in* a Private Lesson or Experience with one of our fully qualified climbing team.

Private Tuition: £35 for the first person and £10 for additional persons PURCHASE AS A VOUCHER

Includes all equipment hire for an 60 minute session, teaching up to 4 people as much as we can whatever your age, ability and fitness level will allow.

Private Experience: Casual Climbing fees and hire apply PLUS additional £8 per person

We provide a fully qualified team member for approx 20-30 minutes to belay you up the main walls and set a few challenges on the way.

*We can only fit in Private Sessions (without prior booking) when our team are available and deem it safe to do so. If you wish to book ahead, you can choose from our range of Kids Sessions of Adult Lessons, or contact us to arrange the perfect time.

Opening Times

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